L.O.L: Meet My Bestest Laundry Friend!

Due to a slight driving malfunction (my apologies garage door!) I am forced to be myself today; a stay-at-home mom, the kind who is rumored to do laundry and stuff like that.  But alas, when I was not-at-home yesterday, I neglected to acquire that which is necessary for the proper completion of that task: laundry detergent.  So instead, I thought I would show you the BESTEST laundry cart ever.  Because writing about laundry is just like doing laundry, but without the boy smells.


Restoration Hardware Dandux Laundry Cart

This past Christmas, my second favorite gift was this super awesome, capacious, sturdy, cool-looking and super-pricey-but-worth-it, canvas rolling cart from Restoration Hardware. It is at the tippy-top of my L.O.L list. In this case LOL (all caps) stands for LOVE OUT LOUD! A special category for those favorite tricks, tips and products that I just can’t stop talking about. I have loved this Dandux laundry cart out loud countless times since receiving it because it holds an insane amount of dirty laundry—no more laundry mountain blocking our front-load washing machine.  I love it…wheely a lot!  Go ahead, add it to your holiday shopping list, you can thank me later.

What’s your favorite laundry-related timesaver or product?  Can you explain what I am supposed to do with this 10lb hunk of dried out Oxi Clean?  Help me!

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