What-Not-To-Gift 2010

Sure Holiday Gift Guides and Hot Toy Lists are fun to read, but The Worst Mother in the World is here to save you from predatory toy marketing.  There is some disturbing stuff out there and it is going to take teamwork and solidarity and for some, blood pacts between friends to ensure that every home is protected from the crimes against consumers being committed at cash registers across the country.  If we keep our eyes open, our instincts caffeinated and our receipts carefully filed just in case, we can help each other feel less than punked by 10am Christmas morning.  Knowing what to avoid is as important as getting truly hot toys and gifts purchased and placed in the gift protection program by Thanksgiving.  I got an early start on my surveillance this year, including a summer sneak peek at some of the triumphs and tragedies calling to you from crowded shelves and nearly illegible (but adorable!)wish lists.  Over the next few days I will unveil my What-NOT-To-Gift-Guide for 2010.  Let’s get this Barbie started!

What-NOT-To-Gift #1

Barbie Video Girl

Somewhere deep within the glossy pink walls of Barbie headquarters a misogynistic and dubiously employed toy designer is laughing at having gotten another idiot idea past the suits.   Barbie 2010; evolved Barbie, educated Barbie, enviromentally-aware Barbie has a viewfnder buried deep within her cleavage.  I guess Barbie has given up on saying “The conversation is up here!”  Skip it, unless you really want your child to have a nipple-high view of the world.

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