Mommy Got Back!

I like bad commercials and I cannot lie

Those other mothers can deny

But when the King walks in with his shiny plastic face, faux outrage time will waste!

I get the giggles ‘til I start to cry, Though the haters may start to sigh

When those ladies start to spin, it really makes me grin, those Squarebutts catch my eye!

Spongebob is filled with punnies…This commercial’s harmless funny!

Some haters call it sin

I say it’s a win!

Some moms may sound a warning

Spongebob and me think-THAT SO BORING!

To avoid this controversy, reach out, turn off your TV

Turn them off, turn them off, turn off them crazy ads

Momma’s just whack!

I’m tired of silly boycotts, the uproar over what-not

Shake it off, shake it off, shake that mommy butt

Mommy got BACK!

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