Oprah nodded in grave agreement as Toni Morrison said a true test of maternal love is whether ‘your eyes light up’ each time your child enters the room.  I was so stunned I nearly spit my bon-bons.  Every time, seriously?   I am the Worst Mother in the World because there are times when my children enter the room that I wish they would walk right back out.  Panicked at thought of Oprah’s disapproval I raced to my computer and searched “worst mother”.  I was relieved, downright euphoric to see 50 gazillion search results.  I am not alone.

-Heija Nunn, the Worst(est) Mother in the World

Load & About at the Bellevue SceneEarlier today, I aborted a planned trip to Costco while waiting for a parking spot in front of the Kirkland location. I decided timing was too tight, plus I was super thirsty, so I went to Starbucks and happily chatted with a friend instead. As I passed the 108th Street exit on westbound highway 520 I caught sight of three pickups…
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